Inside the Bakery

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  1. Welcome to our new blog!

    Everyone likes to know about the background to their ‘happy post’ items and we will try to tell you a little about the daily goings on at the bakery as well as to keep you in touch with our new recipe developments and upcoming offers.

    Let’s begin by introducing ourselves properly. We are a couple who live in a small village in Yorkshire with our princess of a cat and our house rabbit. The animals are not allowed near the kitchen and express their disapproval of this situation regularly but a house needs rules!

    Tim is a qualified chef who works in a local coffee shop. He is a Yorkshire lad and loves the idea of producing good quality luxury treats using as many local or ethically sourced products as possible. He is very particular about the quality of the chocolate that the bakery uses and is sure to use the best tasting product, even if it costs a little more. After all, if you are going to have a brownie as a treat you want it to be the best tasting brownie that you can. He enjoys keeping fit and uses their home gym or goes for long walks to keep in shape.

    Katy is an NHS registered dietician who works in the community in Yorkshire. She originally comes from Leicestershire but followed her heart to settle with Tim further north. As you would expect she is very particular about the quality of what they eat and generally provides them with a varied menu of super healthy dishes, which we will sometimes share with you on this page. Exercise has always played an important part in her life and, as well as joining Tim in the gym or on walks, she loves a charity challenge involving a run or a bit of an adventure with her friends. She learned to bake from a very young age and loves to experiment with her treats to make them as original as she can. As her family are allergy suffers, including the dreaded nut allergy, she naturally develops vegan and gluten free versions of her cakes so that everyone can enjoy them.

    You can see our normal range on the shopping page of our site but if you have any special requests or need a different kind of cake please get in touch and we will see what we can do to help. Mama Bedford’s birthday cake was the outcome of a last minute request from Tim’s sister to provide a birthday cake for dessert after their pub lunch. As it had to travel in the car for an hour or so the design was simple and fairly robust. We can supply a whole plain brownie base for you to decorate at home if you want to give the idea a go, just contact us and we will get back to you with a bespoke quote.

    We are developing some new festive flavours for Christmas, no it isn’t too soon to be thinking about that already, to send to friends and relatives all over the country who need a gift that can be sent by post. To keep Katy’s mum happy, after much lobbying over a millionaires’ flapjack and coffee, we are looking at mint as well as other festive ingredients, shapes, sizes and decorating ideas. If you would like to see a particular flavour added to our range just let us know and we will see what we can do. However, if we can’t make a superb version of that flavour we will also let you know!